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KERNERSVILLE, N.C. – A family farm, just outside of town, is full of color this week. “Over here, the first two rows are called brilliance – they are more of a bright gold sunflower,” said Art Johnson of Dewberry Farms, where you will discover not all sunflowers are the same. “We have 19 varieties, so almost every row is a different variety.” When the Johnson Family first settled here in the 1920s things were quite different. “Tobacco was our money crop,” said Art’s dad Don Johnson who is tickled to see his son convert the fields from the golden leaf to the golden pedal. “I said this is ridiculous but it’s a ridiculous good.” The flowers certainly attract a lot of attention and not just from butterflies and bees. “We came to take pictures for Instagram and I love sunflowers,” said Hannah Southern who came with a friend from High Point. But what many may be surprised to see are a few rich darker colors of sunflowers like the Rouge Royale. “These have been a big hit,” said Art. In a day when many family farms are struggling to survive, this one is a blooming success. The sunflower show runs through the end of the week. Dewberry Farm is located at 2585 Dewberry Farm Lane, Kernersville. Visit them at or on Facebook for tickets to the sunflower show. See more photos in the gallery below.