ASHEBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — At the age of six, Noah Seabolt started teaching himself how to make music.

“I had a little SpongeBob CD player with SpongeBob headphones,” recalled Seabolt, who got the music bug watching his older brother take lessons. “I remember walking around the store waiting for him to get done with his lessons and saw an acoustic guitar with three strings and started plucking around with it.”

From that point, Noah started beating to his own drum.

“Hearing somebody playing the drums and guitar and someone in the corner playing harmonica, it sparks your interest to say ‘I wonder if I can do that?’” he said.

He’s written, performed and produced four albums with 45 songs on iTunes and more to come.

“It’s almost like putting together a puzzle,” he said. “It’s an escape.”