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PATRICK COUNTY, Va. — Just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Patrick County you’ll find the Mayberry Trading Post.

“At one time this was a very thriving community,” said owner Peggy Barkley. “This was the new store building, it was built in 1892.”

The Mayberry store once served as the post office for the Mayberry Creek community. In fact, the mail slots are still in the back.

“I think it’s a piece of history that you won’t find anywhere else,” she said. “People say it’s like stepping back in time and it really is.”

The shelves are stocked with local handmade crafts and homemade preserves and jellies. The apple butter is always cooked right outside.

Barkley is the latest in a long line of people to run the store. She took over the business from Dale Yates, who was able to confirm something everyone around here already knew about the name — Mayberry.

“Thelma Lou come to visit,” Barkley recalled of the actress Betty Lynn from The Andy Griffith Show.

“[Thelma Lou] said while filming the show in California, Andy talked about the real Mayberry,” Barkley said, referring to the Patrick County community. “His grandparents who lived on top of the mountain traded here at the turn of the century because their names are on the books and she wanted to see it with her own eyes so she came up here to see it.”

It’s a real life place that hasn’t changed in over a century.

Recently, the real life place that hasn’t changed in over a century is up for sale. The building that is, not the business. Barkley hopes someone will buy the old building and help preserve this piece of Americana history.

“That’s what we are trying to keep it as, a old country store,” she said.