Cat with disability comforts children at Dragonfly House in Mocksville

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MOCKSVILLE, N.C. — When Brandi Reagan first saw Moxie, a fun-loving tabby cat, she knew she was special.

“When she was about 3 or 4 weeks old she had been abandoned, she looked like she had been run over,” Reagan said. “The first two to three days, she was fed with a bottle.”

The kitten did have an obvious problem, it was born without the use of one of its legs and some thought it should be euthanized. Reagan had other plans.

“You ask her and she thinks everyone should have three legs,” Reagan said. “She is perfectly capable of getting around and doing things.”

She’s also perfectly capable of doing much more than your typical cat. Every day, Reagan takes Moxie to work with her at the Dragonfly House, a children’s advocacy center, where often abused and neglected children they serve can relate to the cat’s story. 

“They can look at her and see she may have a disability, she may look broken but she’s not, she’s fine,” she said. “That’s the message we want our kids to have here, you may feel broken, you may feel abandoned but she’s OK and you are going to be OK too.”

Moxie, who was named after the town she was found in, has even received national attention being featured in Southern Living Magazine. A new set of children’s books, that will relate to children the Dragonfly House serves, is set to come out in March.

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