Brookstown Inn’s Sally the cat is quite the celebrity

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — At the historic Brookstown Inn, guests are greeted by many smiling faces and the purr of the inn’s mascot, Sally the cat.

“She’s very much an ambassador for Brookstown Inn,” said manager Steve Lawson, who recalls the cat showing up in 2013. “There was this sad, poor, pitiful cat at the front door … so, we took her in.”

Staff nursed her back to health and took her to a vet to get checked out.

“Part of the examine is to check her for a microchip and sure enough she had one,” said Lawson. “She’s registered to a lady in Seattle, Washington, that’s a long way.”

When they contacted Sally’s owner, she was surprised but came up with a theory that the tabby had hopped on a truck at a nearby trucking company and made her way across the country. The owner said it would be too expensive to get her back home so if Brookstown wanted her, they could have her.

“She’s been here ever since,” said Lawson.

Sally has made herself right at home.

“She’s a celebrity, she gets mail, she gets Christmas gifts,” said Lawson. “I have people who come and stay here just to see the cat.”

For staff they may never know why Sally ended up here, but they are certainly glad she did.

“I can’t imagine life without her,” said Lawson.

Sally has been featured on the cover of magazines and she made the top 10 list of USA Today’s top hotel mascots.

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