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LAUREL SPRINGS, N.C. (WGHP) – The Bluffs Restaurant is back!

“Just a few things have changed but not that much,” said Senith Nichols who came for lunch.  She came to the area in 1976, on a whim while working for the National Park Service Concessions in her home state of Washington. “I just picked the furthest place to go one summer while going to college.”

It was here she met her future husband and decided to stay. “He was the dishwasher,” she said. “I cleared tables.”

The Bluffs has had that effect on many people since it opened in 1949.

“We have people come in here all the time and say I used to work here,” said Sharon Pinney who, along with Chef John Gamradt, helped reopen the historic restaurant this year. “There are people that came in here and sat at the counter with their grandparents and had milkshakes.”

The two reopened the restaurant after it was closed for a decade.

“When we walked in you could feel the history,” said Gamradt who is bringing back many of past menu favorites. “We knew fried chicken was a must.” 

From fried chicken to sweet potatoes pancakes and cat head biscuits, people are lining up to order from the menu of their childhood. 

“It’s been overwhelming and amazing and magical, said Pinney. “It’s an honor to meet the people who have loved it for so many years and entrusted us to bring it back to life.” 

The Bluff’s Restaurant is open through November 14, and you’re highly encouraged to call and make a reservation.