Adorable dwarf miniature horse in Davidson County has special braces to help it get around

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MIDWAY, N.C. — When Brenda Whicker, of Animal Ark Rescue of Davidson County, adopted some miniature horses, she knew one had a long road ahead.

“He had the drive to get around but he struggled,” said Whicker, who was determined to help the horse she named Lightening. “I wanted to make sure he could have a good quality of life.”

Lightening is a dwarf miniature horse, which is a genetic deformity that causes issues with their legs. Now, thanks to some special braces, the little horse is enjoying the life no one could ever image.

“He loves to be held, he loves to be cuddled,” she said, driving him around in a golf cart. “At night I will come out here and swing him and he loves it.”

Brenda and Lightening spend their time on the go, visiting nursing homes and schools.

“It’s so typical for a dog to go in for therapy work,” she said. “But you don’t see a miniature horse, it brightens up your heart.”

Whicker has also taken in another special needs miniature horse, named Thunder, who has a similar condition.

“We take those that nobody wants.”

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