17-year cicadas making an appearance in Ararat, Virginia

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ARARAT, Va. — The constant sounds coming from the foothills is something you might hear in a science fiction movie.

“It’s just gotten stronger and stronger as the days go by,” said Gary Hoback, of Wolf Creek Farm. “It’s pretty noticeable.”

The constant noise is coming from some little 17-year locusts known as the periodical cicadas.

“Oh Lord, God sending locust now,” said Cindy Hoback, wondering just how more odd could 2020 possibly get? “We already had the plague now the locusts are coming?”

After spending 17 years in the ground the cicadas emerge, shed their skin and start their mating ritual. Besides being noisy the bugs are quite harmless and easy to catch.

“I’m thinking of getting a herd of them for pets,” joked Gary. “They are kind of soothing.”

But he better hurry, they won’t be around for long. After a few weeks of mating they’ll die and their offspring will spend the next 17 years in the ground.

“I’ll be right around 90 years old when they come back,” laughed Gary. “My wife, well she’ll be 38.”

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