From crates to CBD; BestReviews has ideas for alleviating pet anxiety


HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — As more people return to the workplace, pets are experiencing anxiety because of the change.

FOX8 spoke with Jacob Palmer at to get some advice.

Palmer said, “Dogs love routine, they thrive on it. And many have grown extremely accustomed to having their owners around constantly. When the owner has to leave for long hours at a time, it can lead to troublesome behavior. It’s not uncommon for dogs to pick up bad habits like consistently barking or, even worse, destroying things in their environment. Dogs are like humans in that they need stimulation and enrichment. With consistent training and some training aids, you can help minimize the impact of separation anxiety and severe boredom.”

We asked Palmer what gadgets can people get to help with the return.

“If you have a new dog that you’re leaving at home for long hours at a time, we recommend confining the space they have available to them and then expanding outwards. That means, getting a solid dog crate or playpen so they are in the same space for most of the time. For a handsome crate that looks like a nice piece of furniture, we recommend a model from Unipaws that looks great and comes in a number of colors to fit your style. Once you’ve established what space will be available to them, you can outfit that space with all kinds of comforts that will help them pass the time, like dog toys,” he said.

A big talker has been CBD products for animals, so we asked him about that.

Palmer told us, “It totally depends on the dog and the brand of CBD. We recommend easing into the process and starting with a really low dosage and then slightly stepping up as needed. We’ve tested the Honest Paws extensively – including the oils as well as treats – and have seen positive results on all different kinds of breeds. I have a 25-pound dog that gets nervous on car rides, we give him a CBD treat before we go on any significant car rides and it makes it much easier for him with visibly less shaking. But, with that said, the results won’t be the same for every dog in every situation.”

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