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Which Pop It phone cases are best?

People have hundreds of choices of cases they can buy to protect their smartphones. A Pop It phone case combines phone protection with the well-known stress-reducing and decompression toy that is the choice of fidgeters of all ages.

Pop It phone cases provide a useful outlet for people with excess energy. If you are looking for a phone case with Pop It buttons that have facial expressions, take a look at the Simple Dimple Silicone Bubble Wrap Pop It Phone Case.

What to know before you buy a Pop It phone case

Fidget toys

Fidget toys were designed to help children stay calm at stressful times. Fidget toys allow people to focus on the activity at hand by keeping their hands occupied in harmless activities like squeezing, spinning, pressing, rolling and twisting. All of these activities relieve stress, anxiety and feelings of restlessness.

Pop Its are fidget toys made of brightly colored “bubbles” that make a distinctive popping sound when poked. Unlike bubble wrap that breaks after only one use, Pop Its can be used over and over again because they are made of durable and long-lasting materials. Pop Its relieve not only stress but boredom, too. 

Pop Its joined a host of other sensory fidget toys like fidget spinners, squiglets, water snakes and finger springs. The best fidget toys provide the right amount of stimulation to help increase focus without causing too much distraction. 

Pop It toys

Pop It toys were inspired by the bubble wrap packaging used to protect fragile boxed items in the shipment. Bubble wrap is air-filled, see-through plastic that loudly pops when you squeeze it. Pop It toys delivered the same sensation without breaking the bubble. 


Pop It phone cases come in a variety of shapes and styles that allow you to personalize your phone and tablet. Basic Pop It cases are built to fit virtually every make and model of mobile phone or tablet computer. Choose the colors and shapes that appeal to you the most.

What to look for in a quality Pop It phone case


All Pop It phone cases are made of some sort of plastic, usually silicone. Make sure you choose food-grade silicone that is free from all contaminants and safe to have around your face and hands.

Fit and finish

Look for more well-made phone cases that have been laser cut so all of your buttons, ports and camera lenses are free to operate as they should without any interference from your case. Also look for a precision fit that is snug and keeps your phone safe from drops and bumps.  


Rows and rows of bubble buttons can get boring. Look for Pop It phone cases that have faces and characters printed on the buttons. These are far more interesting and appealing than blank bubbles. Choose from facial expressions, cute little bear heads and cat’s paws. 


Look for Pop It phone cases that attach by means of straps and lanyards so your phone stays out of your pocket and around your neck where everyone can see it. 

How much you can expect to spend on Pop It phone case

Most Pop It phone cases cost between $10-$15. Pop It tablet cases cost between $15-$25.

Pop It phone case FAQ

Do Pop It phone cases provide enough protection?

A. Pop It phone cases are made of extremely soft and flexible silicone that provides excellent cushioning and protection against drops.

How long will the Pop Its last before they no longer pop?

A. If the material is durable and long-lasting, they might outlive your phone. On the plus side, most Pop It phone cases are inexpensive and easy to replace.

What are the best Pop It phone cases to buy?

Top Pop It phone case 

Simple Dimple Silicone Bubble Wrap Pop It Phone Case

Simple Dimple Silicone Bubble Wrap Pop It Phone Case

What you need to know: There is no need to flip this phone case over, because the Pop It bubbles are self-recovering and automatically pop back. 

What you’ll love: The silicone used in the manufacture of this phone case is the most non-skid material you can buy in a phone case. The super-soft silicone provides superior drop protection and the two-face charm dangle adds a personal touch. The four pastel colored buttons each have a simple facial icon that make these buttons different from all the rest. You can also choose models whose buttons have teddy bear faces and cat’s paw prints.

What you should consider: This phone case is compatible only with iPhones.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Pop It phone case for the money

Bubble Pop Mickey Mouse Fidget Toy Phone Case for iPhones

Bubble Pop Mickey Mouse Fidget Toy Phone Case for iPhones

What you need to know: This cartoon Mickey Mouse bubble pop phone case attracts the attention of others while relieving your anxiety and stress.

What you’ll love: This product combines that classic cartoon mouse with the most popular fidget decompression toy. The 31Pop It bubbles are arranged in rows of pastel colors. Mickey’s ears stick out so the detachable straps on this phone case allow you to wear it hanging around your neck. This phone case is precisely cut to ensure it does not interfere with the phone buttons, charging port or earphone port.

What you should consider: The awkward shape with Mickey’s ears sticking out won’t fit in most pockets.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Push Pop Fidget Case for Tablet Computers

Push Pop Fidget Case for Tablet Computers

What you need to know: This Pop It case is made to do more things than most cases.

What you’ll love: The handle at the top and the detachable strap give you two different ways to carry your mini tablet. The kickstand makes for easy viewing of videos and the magic pencil holder is perfect for sketching on your tablet computer. This fidget pop case is anti-fingerprint, anti-greasy and washable. Choose from cases that fit most iPad and Samsung models.

What you should consider: The simple dimple popper makes only a slight popping sound.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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