Introducing ‘Seduced by Satan’ – the podcast – listen to the trailer here


Seduced by Satan is the tale of a man who was raised in the Christian church, but in adulthood, turned to the netherworld. His God-given golden locks shaved off, teeth filed to points and face permanently marked with homemade tattoos, he dropped out of high school to pursue an education of a different type.

His birth name changed from the All-American “John” to that of an other-worldly demonic figure, he hid in a quaint village in central North Carolina, transforming his mother’s home into a dungeon.

Death would soon creep into the charming community he would come to terrorize. The bodies of his victims — kept a mere few feet from where his mother slept — would prove to become his undoing.

Ten years after the murders, Seduced by Satan delves into the twisted soul of a man who called himself Pazuzu.

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