(WGHP) — Do your jokes make people groan and leave the room? You may be entitled to financial compensation.

Laffy Taffy is looking for a new generation of jokes to include on the candy’s wrapper. Jokesters around the country are invited to submit one joke each with a max-50-character setup and a max-50-character punchline.

For example:

  • Why did the fungus downsize? There was too mush-room.
  • What’s a taco’s favorite dance? Salsa
  • How does a tree go home when ready? It leaves

The brand wanted an expert to decide the future of the Laffy Taffy wrapper, so they called in professional rapper T-Pain — “ALL PUNS intended,” the brand says.

“Those who know me best understand comedic humor is a passion of mine and I really enjoy telling jokes and having a good, old-fashioned laff,” T-Pain said in a news release. “I’ve always loved taste of Laffy Taffy and enjoyed reading the hilarious dad jokes on their wrappers, so I’m excited that joke-tellers nationwide will have the opportunity to have their own printed on the packaging and that I’ll get to decide who has the funniest pun–we’re going to have a lot of fun reading submissions and eating Laffy Taffy, I can’t wait.”

T-Pain will choose 101 winners, and their jokes will make it onto candies sold nationwide. The winners will also get a custom bag of Laffy Taffy mini bars with their one-liners.

One Grand Prize winner will get a $5,000 cash prize, a custom bag of mini bars with their joke and a wrapper signed by T-Pain.

You can submit your jokes on the Laffy Taffy website until Sept. 16. The campaign kicked off Tuesday in honor of National Tell a Joke Day.