HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — Remember when you were a child, and you could happily color away for hours? 

Well, get out the crayons and the colored pencils again, because Sept. 14 is National Coloring Day. It’s a day devoted to encouraging people of all ages to spend some time coloring. 

Researchers say putting crayons to paper helps children develop motor skills, but the simple act can also draw your whole family closer together. Here are five ways your family can bond through coloring.

Gather everyone around the table, put out the crayons, and pick a theme for the night. If you have a child who loves soccer, everyone colors soccer pages. You don’t need to buy a special coloring book. 

The internet is filled with free templates you can download and color! If you have a child who loves fairies or if dad loves motorcycles, make that the theme of your evening. Pick a different theme every week. While you’re coloring, talk about your interests and learn more about what other family members enjoy.

Collaborate on your pages. You color a page for five minutes, then everyone switches pages. See how each person changes the picture and the colors. You’re teaching your children teamwork.

Color your own seasonal decorations. Fill your house with brightly colored autumn leaves or draw Christmas ornaments. Cut them out and hang them on the tree. You’re not just making decorations; you’re making memories.

An evening of coloring is an evening of relaxation and conversation. While you’re coloring, ask your children questions. You may think you know the answer, but they may surprise you. What’s their favorite color? What kind of music do you like? You can even put some music on in the background. That will help you get to know your children and help them get to know you too.

Make your coloring night even bigger by hosting a coloring party. Invite family and friends over to color too, but don’t send the kids off to another room. Coloring together will help them learn to socialize.

We mentioned a lot of free pages to color are available to download online. Here are a few links to get your family bonding through coloring.


Happy coloring!