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ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — After buying a prairie-style dress at Target recently, a Roanoke woman decided to have some fun with it on social media…and people are loving it!

Lesley Butterfield decided to jump on the “Target Dress Challenge” bandwagon, which pokes fun at dresses for sale at Target that look more like fashion from the Frontier Era than the 21st century.

Butterfield bought the dress over the weekend and let her 10-year-old son take pictures of her around their home, going all in on props, captions, and even journal entries.

Now, her post has more than 27,000 shares.

“On Saturday and Sunday in particular, I couldn’t even open up my Facebook because it just kept refreshing, refreshing because the comments and shares were coming in so fast that I couldn’t even access them,” Butterfield said. “It wasn’t until Monday that I could open up and take a look at it and it had grown astronomically, like, I was so surprised.”

According to Butterfield, the social media fame is a nice break from working from home, schooling her kids, and surviving the pandemic.

However, she says she actually sees some parallels between living in the present and living the frontier life.