Rare (& adorable!) albino alligator hatchlings born at Florida zoo

Albino Alligator Hatchlings (Courtesy of Wild Florida)

Albino Alligator Hatchlings (Courtesy of Wild Florida)

FLORIDA (WGHP) — A zoo in Florida is celebrating a rare treat: two albino alligator hatchlings!

White and pink instead of green and brown, the little guys are definitely eye-catching!

According to Wild Florida’s Facebook, these ultra-rare babies are ‘thriving’. Their parents, Snowflake and Blizzard, are both albinoes. This is the second batch of eggs from them.

Two albino alligator hatchlings (courtesy of Wild Florida)

Albinism is a hereditary mutation that disrupts the production of the pigment melanin, which determines things like skin, fur, and eye color.

“We’re so proud of our albino alligator parents, Snowflake and Blizzard, and our Croc Squad team for helping these hatchlings,” says Sam Haught of Wild Florida in a statement. “With our Croc Squad overseeing these eggs, we’re hoping that these alligators will help engage more visitors, locals and tourists alike, with their environment.”

Wild Florida boasts the only successful albino alligator breeding program in the world. Albinos tend to have shorter lifespans in the wild and albinism can be associated with health problems such as poor eyesight and sun sensitivity.

The “Croc Squad” will be monitoring the little guys until they’re big enough to be in their own exhibit.

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