(WGHP) — A video circulating on Twitter allegedly shows a man wearing a Proud Boy shirt being denied entrance to a Trump rally.

The video, tweeted by Florida attorney Ron Filipkowski, shows a man speaking with a security official and two officers, attempting to enter the “Save America” rally that took place in Casper, Wyoming on May 28. The Ford Wyoming Center has a list of rules, none of which specify clothing, but officers are shown on the video telling the man that the organizer of the event specified that the insignias were not allowed.

“You’re telling me right now that Proud Boys are not allowed at this Trump event?” the man asks from behind the camera.

“I’m telling you right now that any Proud Boy or QAnon insignia has to go, alright?” the security guard says.

“I’m gonna leave but we were invited. We were invited to be here,” the man says.

The guard doesn’t question the invitation, reiterating that the issue is with the insignia. One of the officers speaks and he then asks them why he has “to walk” as the officers direct him to the front doors. “Why do Proud Boys have to walk?”

“You can’t have any logos or insignia for this event. The people hosting this event –” the police officer explains, but the man cuts her off.

“You’re kidding me, right? The Trump campaign gave us VIP tickets.”

The officers tell him he could change or turn his shirt inside out and be allowed entry, but he doesn’t respond to that comment. He continues to ask them why Proud Boys are being denied entry.

At one point he asks them, “This is really happening?”

“This is really happening,” an officer replies.

They reiterate that it’s simply the shirt that is the issue, and that he would be allowed inside if he changed his shirt, telling him that the event organizers have rules around insignias and logos that they’re enforcing.

“It’s a private event,” an officer says. “They made the rules, man. That’s all I can say.”

“The actual campaign themself gave us VIP tickets. Why cant—.” The video cuts off as an officer tells the man that they’re “going in circles.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center defines the Proud Boys as an “SPLC designated hate group” founded in 2016. Proud Boys were present at the Capitol Riot on January 6 and have been vocal supporters of President Trump throughout his presidency.

Trump was criticized for apparently telling Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by” during a Presidential debate leading up to the 2020 election.

Information about ticketing for the event is unavailable on the official website, as the event has already passed, however, Trump will be making a stop in Greensboro on his “American Freedom Tour” and tickets for that event range from $9 to several thousand. The “VIP” tier is $395.

A section labeled “Dress Code” on the FAQ part of the website says that the dress code is “business casual” but does not specify any forbidden logos or branding.