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If you were born on Feb. 28, 1988, you’re turning 32 years old.

If you were born on Feb. 29, 1988, you’re turning 8.

Leap Day, that rare 29th day of February, only comes once every four years, meaning for the approximately 205,000 Americans born on a Leap Day, birthdays come only once every four years.

That’s why Olive Garden wants to give people born on Leap Days four free desserts to celebrate their birthday this year and the three birthdays that never came over the last three years.

“Leaplings,” as the restaurant calls them, can get four free Dolicinis.

For the rest of us, Olive Garden is offering $2.29 take-home entrees to all guests on Feb. 29 of this year. That includes a choice of fettuccine alfredo, five cheese ziti al forno and spaghetti with meat sauce.