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STAMFORD, Conn. — A Connecticut man called 911 on his cat after he says it attacked him and prevented him and his wife from entering their home for three or four hours.

According to WVIT, 911 dispatchers received a call at 1:36 a.m. Thursday from the man. He said his cat attacked him soon after it gave birth and would not allow the couple to enter their home.

“I cannot go inside in my home,” he told the dispatcher. “The problem is that my cat was getting too aggressive.”

He said when he tried to enter the house, his cat attacked his leg and bit him, so the couple went outside and had not been able to get in.

The dispatcher asked what the man wanted police to do about the situation and he said he wanted police to come remove the cat.

The dispatcher then asked if anything was wrong with the cat. The man said it gave birth and shortly after that went into “attacking mode.”

“Five minutes ago, I tried to open the door again and she [was] waiting in the door,” he told the dispatcher.

Eventually, according to WVIT, the man worked up enough courage to walk into the house and go to bed.

“They were advised to stay away from each other the rest of the night,” police said in a statement.

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