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FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. — A woman in Florida was arrested for allegedly putting explicit content in mailboxes.

Deputies say she filled plastic easter eggs with pornographic images.

“Pretty bizarre, pretty deranged zealousness,” Sheriff Rick Staly of the Flagler County Sheriff’s Department sia.d

Sheriff Staly says his detectives almost caught 42-year-old Abril Cestoni in the act, moments after she allegedly placed unwanted pornographic materials in mailboxes throughout Palm Coast Wednesday night. Evidence was also recovered from her vehicle.

At various times, the suspect claimed to be a church but was also ranting against churches, claiming the explicitly sexual pictures in plastic easter eggs were her way of calling out church leaders she believes are gay.

“She claims that the Bible is being rewritten, that there is homosexuality in the church, and she felt that they were not teaching the word of God,” Staley said.

As more and more citizens called to say they discovered their mailbox flags up, the strange materials inside, the sheriff worried the actions were to create fear in the days of the coronavirus.

“Putting things out that they know people are going to open and touch, and so that concerned us a lot,” Staley said.

The sheriff says Cestoni does not appear to be symptomatic for the virus but may have other issues.

They say she admitted to driving around for hours at a time, going into mailboxes and leaving behind the disturbing materials and other oddities.