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North Carolina has its share of haunted history. But ghosts aren’t limited to haunted houses.

In a list compiled on Monday by Only In Your State, two Piedmont places were chosen.

The list, titled “Don’t Drive Down These 7 Haunted Roads In North Carolina Or You’ll Regret It,” featured Lydia’s Bridge in Jamestown and Payne (Edwards) Road in Rural Hall.

One of the best-known Piedmont ghost tales is a phantom hitchhiker named Lydia. She’s said to haunt a bridge in Jamestown after being killed there in the 1920s.

Drivers report seeing a woman dressed in white trying to flag down a passing car. Some say she’s even gotten in their car then vanished.

Nearly every tale of Payne Road is somewhat different, according to the list.

Various versions of the legend of “Edward Payne” include sacrificing slaves in a satanic ritual, murdering his daughter for falling in love with a slave and then murdering his whole family, or murdering his wife and baby girl.

The list also featured five other “haunted roads” from around the state. To view the full list, visit