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ATHENS, Ohio — A six-week-old puppy named Tumbles, who was born without front legs, is getting around a little easier with the help of a mini wheelchair.

The Ohio University Innovation Center used a 3-D printer to create his new set of wheels.

According to the center’s Facebook page, the tiny cart will help Tumbles strengthen his back legs.

“He was around 2 weeks old when rescued from the rest of the litter that is being kept outside with their mom. We just didn’t feel he would survive the cold temperatures and not be pushed away from feeding by his litter mates. We wanted to save the whole family but could only get this little guy,” the center wrote.

Crystal Richmond, who recorded the video of Tumbles, told the Post in Athens, Ohio, that the wheelchair took 14 hours to produce.

As of now, Tumbles is not up for adoption.