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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Within the next few weeks, Zito plans to welcome back customers at its location at 3030 Healy Drive.

This reopening will happen within a week of the restaurant’s fifth year anniversary.

Zito’s has not been open since November 9, 2018, the night owner Evangelos Manginas walked across the street to buy pita and was fatally hit by a car.

FOX8 found his daughter, Victoria Manginas, back in the kitchen Friday using the memory of her father to keep her cooking.

“I wish he was here right now over my shoulder telling me what to do,” she said. “But you have to keep going, doing the best that you can do.”

Manginas says daily thoughts of her father fill her mind. While she is at peace with what happened, she still hurts.

“Everyone is still feeling it, our customers, our family is still in shock, but you have to keep going, there is nothing else to do,” said Manginas.

She says the best way to keep going is to keep her dad’s restaurant running.

“I just want to get open for our customers and see them again and have them coming in and seeing what Zito is now,” said Manginas.

And she is using the Zito name to stay motivated.

“Zito in Greek means ‘Long Live.’ So, just that in itself pushes me to keep going after everything that has happened,” said Manginas.

In the months the restaurant has been closed, the family has added new floors and tables to bring a fresher atmosphere to the Winston-Salem restaurant.

Something Manginas thinks her father would appreciate.

“I think he would be pretty happy with the way things are coming together for sure,” she said.