Lindsey Graham’s best lines from GOP undercard debate

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LAS VEGAS — South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham might be trailing badly in the polls, but as he’s done in debates past, his one-liners during CNN’s undercard Republican debate Tuesday have made him a crowd favorite in the room in Vegas and across social media.

Here’s a roundup of his best lines so far:

On the Obama presidency: “I’m tired of beating on Bush. I miss George W Bush! I wish he were president right now!”

On Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s foreign policy and love for “The Princess Bride”: “Ted, getting in bed with Iran and Russia to save Assad is inconceivable. Princess Buttercup would not like this.”

On women serving in combat positions: “As for women, if you want to kill terrorists — I’m your guy.”

On sequestration: “Sequestration is Latin for doing really dumb things!”

On Donald Trump: “Mr. Trump, you don’t have to speak about everything. It’s not required.”

On Trump’s would-be victory in 2016: “ISIL would be dancing in the streets, they just don’t believe in dancing.”

To Cruz and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul: “To the isolationists in our party, you are no better than Obama.”

To fellow undercard debater former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum: “Rick, there’s nobody left to train in Syria. There must be American boots on the ground in Syria to win — if you don’t understand that, you’re not fit to be commander in chief.”

On Russian President Vladimir Putin: “I’m not afraid of a guy running around on a horse without a shirt.”

To Muslims: “You are not the enemy. Your religion is not the enemy … Leave the faith alone, go after the radicals that want to kill us all.”

To Americans: “We’re at war, folks. They’re not trying to steal your car. They’re trying to kill us all.”

About ISIS: “They’re ready to die. Bring on the virgins.”

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