Wrangler’s photo of massive crocodile with snout taped shut sparks controversy

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An Australian man is facing backlash after he posted a picture of a massive crocodile he caught with its snout taped shut.

Matt Wright, who is an Outback Wrangler, uploaded the now viral photo on Friday.

The post, which has more than 4,900 shares and 670 likes, quickly garnered criticism from animal advocates worldwide.

“Did you get enough tape on him?” Sally-Jo Famlonga said. “Hope that’s not staying on for too long poor boy.”

While many commented on Wright’s treatment of the croc, others quickly jumped to his defense.

“Having spent quite at bit of time in and around Kakadu the tape is used for 2 reasons, to protect the people relocating the croc and as it covers the eyes the croc is not stressed and kept calm,” Matt Skinner replied. “The tail is still a forcible weapons as are the claws. Large salties like this are highly territorial and can become problematic for the locals.”

Some even found the photo humorous, saying, “Photo shop – duct tape would never hold a monster that size mouth closed.”

NT News was unable to reach Wright for comment.

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