Woman warns of man creeping around Winston-Salem complex, trying to break-in


WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A Winston-Salem woman shared the terrifying moments a man was seen creeping around her apartment window and on one occasion the person can be seen trying to break in.

Winston-Salem police are investigating three reports of creeping and attempted break-ins on Winston Court inside of the Ardmore Terrace Complex.

“It’s just a lot and the fact that this has happened so many times within two weeks is very scary,” Natia Bridges said.

Natia Bridges shared with FOX8 the various sightings when she witnessed a man creeping and peeping through her window. After the first incident, she moved out and decided to put a surveillance video inside of the apartment to catch this person in the act.

This incident has shattered her sense of security.

“September 7, I receive a notification on my phone I had woke up around 1:48 something was like a wake-up and check your phone so I did and I notice that my bedroom window right here someone tried to come in it,” Bridges said.

Surveillance video set up inside of her room captured the suspect moving the blinds after opening up the window. The dogs inside startled the suspect away.

“But if you’re bold of enough to come up with a light on and try to break in, yeah and try to break-in, yeah I can’t, that’s overly determined, and I just can’t,” Bridges said.

Bridges says she is thankful for her family’s support during this time.

“You should feel safe in your home,” said Nedra Hill, Bridge’s sister.

Hill shared this terrifying experience with neighbors in the Ardmore Community Facebook group, warning them of dangers lurking in the area.

“If anyone has seen or notice anything — and I’ve gotten a few responses and I’m very grateful for the few people that have reached out and say they’ve noticed this suspicious person or this suspicious character, they’ve heard noises back here or there,” Hill said.

Hill says she wants the person off the street not only for her sister’s sake but also for anyone who’s in the area.

WSPD is actively searching for the man. If you have any information call the Winston-Salem Police Department.

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