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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Greensboro Police are investigating a case of alleged elder abuse at Maple Grove Health and Rehabilitation Center on Meadowview Road.

The rehab center called police and the patient’s daughter on Friday after they realized Elizabeth Kennedy, 86, had injuries to her head.

“They told me that my mom had taken a blow to the head,” said Louise Jones, the patient’s daughter.

Jones said she trusted the staff at Maple Grove to provide constant care for her mom, who suffers from dementia.

“She’s 86 and defenseless, and I wasn’t here to protect her,” Jones said.

Jones believes one of the aides punched her mother in the head and showed FOX8 the pictures of the bruise.

“It was all kinds of emotions when I saw her–hurt, anger, revenge,” Jones said. “She’s like my child.  She can’t get up. She can’t walk. This is the coldest of anybody. They’ve got to be of the devil. They have to be.”

FOX8 reached out to the Rehab Center for comment, but no one returned calls by Monday night.

“They’re doing everything to get to the bottom of it.  They called someone in from corporate office. She’s here,” Jones said.

Jones said she is concerned for everybody who is in the care of Maple Grove, and she wants justice.

“If they have any godly thing in them, maybe they can come forth on their own, and maybe it can make it a little bit easier. But I don’t think it will ever justify for how I feel, what it’s put me through and what my mother has endured,” Jones said.

Jones said Maple Grove has offered to place her mom in another facility, but Jones said her mother’s doctor can only come to this home.

Jones lives in Cherokee, about four hours away, and has been with her mom since Friday.