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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A customer of a Sonic Restaurant in Springfield says she won’t return to the restaurant because of a sign she read on the restroom door.

The sign reads, “No Public Restrooms Due to Vandalization by Bums. Sorry for the Inconvenience.”

The woman says when she saw it, she was insulted and then when she called the store, it only made it worse.

She claims Sonic management told her that the only people who would be offended are bums.. and that she is probably a liberal and disgusting. The restaurant’s management denies saying that.

Christina Baker said her family doesn’t have a lot of money either, and said she decided to take a stand for those even worse off than her family, and after seeing a man react to the sign.

“Obviously a homeless man… he was on his bicycle. Shoes were hanging off of it. Bags were hanging off of it. He had his backpack. He looked hot and sweaty. He wanted to go into the bathroom but the door was locked and there was this sign on the door reading, ‘Sorry no public restrooms due to vandalization by bums. Sorry for the inconvenience,'”  Baker said.

She said the man got aggressive with Sonic employees, and doesn’t believe he would have if the sign hadn’t used the word “bums.”

The Sonic in question is located near two homeless shelters.