Woman gets unexpected 9-foot alligator guest at SC home

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CONWAY, S.C. — A South Carolina woman heard a banging at her door in the middle of the night and found quite the unexpected visitor.

That visitor was a 9 foot, 250-pound alligator.

According to WPDE, Shatrina Greenwood had friends over and went into a separate room to make a phone call. Then, out of nowhere, Greenwood heard a boom that sounded like it was coming from her door.

When she opened her door she found the giant reptile sitting on her porch.

Around midnight, Russel Cavender, who is known at “The Snake Chaser,” showed up to remove the alligator.

The alligator did not like being forced off the porch and ended up taking out a few signs on its way out.

“It wore me out, that was tough,” Cavender told WPDE. “Getting rolled over, sometimes you snare them and they’ll get up on you and they’ll roll on your shins and scrape the skin on your shins. That’s about the worst of it, that’s what I got last night a pretty raw shin.”

Cavender said the alligator was taken to a safe place and won’t be showing up on Greenwood’s doorstep again anytime soon.

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