Woman finds puppy in zipped carrier submerged in Greensboro creek

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – Walking on a trail in Coronado Park in Greensboro, Victoria Maxey points to the spot where she jumped in the creek Friday evening.

“I just went through the thorn bushes, and I got into the creek, the water was about yay high,” Maxey said, gesturing to her knee.

After hearing whimpering coming from the creek, Maxey spotted a zipped carrier with a small dog inside.

“It was full of water, when I had first seen her the carrier was on its side, and the strap of the carrier was hooked on a branch,” she said. “I don’t think she would have survived the night, because who knows how long she was there, and since it was raining all day, that water was cold even for me.”

The 19-year-old said she was heartbroken to see the dog covered in vomit and brought her home to clean her off.

“I was shocked because as soon as we got her home she was shivering almost the whole night, but as soon as we got her home I felt like she knew she was safe, she didn’t leave my side at all.”

Maxey said her family took the dog to an after-hours veterinarian and she appears to be doing well. The family still wants to know how she got there and posted photos on the Nextdoor App to see if anyone recognized her.

“This is terrible, this is animal abuse and neglect, and in my opinion, they don’t deserve to have animals,” Maxey said.

While no one has come forward with information, neighbors have been asking how they can help the family care for the dog.

Maxey plans to keep the puppy and says they are slowly introducing her to the family’s other animals.

“We’ve already shown her that this is a safe home for her,” she said.

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