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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Every time Monique Johnson gets up and starts her day, it’s a reminder that someone’s educated guess was wrong.

Doctors didn’t think she would live past 6 years old.

“At night I was really struck with fear, worried whether or not I would wake up the next morning,” she said.

Today, she’s 31.

She was born with diastrophic dysplasia – one of the rarest forms of dwarfism.

She also has severe scoliosis.

“To the point now that doctors have no idea how I’m still living, how I’m not paralyzed, how I’m even able to speak,” she said.

The girl who wasn’t expected to walk, talk or even make it to adulthood, has become a woman of excellence.

She graduated from North Carolina A&T State University and went on to earn a law degree from Elon University School of Law.

However, Johnson would take a different career path after hearing from God a few years ago.

“Every night I take a time to pray and ask God for direction. On this particular night, it was almost like I heard the voice of God really bring things full circle for me,” she said.

She became a motivational speaker.

Johnson travels the country sharing her story through her company Made 2 Soar.

“People are almost desperate for happiness and they see me and they wonder where are you getting that from,” she said.

Johnson has been able to reach a variety of audiences from young students to corporate professionals.

Johnson is also an artist and author.

Her book is titled “Soaring: 7 Lessons to Help You Soar Into the Life You Were Meant to Live.”

Johnson also tutors and mentors high school students.

She hopes to take her message abroad and focus on areas where people with disabilities need a greater platform.