Woman contracts HIV through manicure equipment


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A woman reportedly contracted HIV after getting her nails done with shared manicure equipment, the Counsel & Heal reported.

The incident was reported in online journal AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses.

The 22-year-old Brazilian learned she was infected when she volunteered to give blood and tested HIV positive. Blood work showed she had a long-standing infection. The woman denied all classical transmission routes including intercourse and needle sharing. Her mother also tested negative, ruling out genetics.

Doctors, therefore, began looking into her past. Both the patient and mother reported sharing manicure equipment with a cousin about a decade ago. That cousin’s infection was not known at the time of equipment sharing but she later tested positive for HIV.

Samples were taken from the woman and her cousin for analysis, which showed that the viral genetic material in both women was “highly related.”

“The estimated common ancestor date (about 11 years ago) corresponds to the period of the referred sharing of manicure instruments, a time when PIC was not virally suppressed,” researchers wrote.

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