Winston-Salem woman who traveled through PTI worries airport workers aren’t doing enough to screen people returning to US


WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Travelers coming back home are now wondering if there are enough preventative measures to keep people safe at the airports.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to grab hold across the world and in the Piedmont Triad.

One Winston-Salem woman tells FOX8 she’s concerned about how easy it was to get back home.

Ena Seferovic and her father documented their trip back from Bosnia after visiting her sick grandmother.

“We went through the Sarajevo airport. They were taking a lot of precautions there,” Seferovic said. “We had gloves and we had masks.”

A couple of flights later, they landed back in the US prepared for some extensive precautions before continuing on their journey.

“In Washington, D.C., we were supposed to undergo a strict health screening. They didn’t even take temperatures,” Seferovic said. “They asked you three questions: have you had a fever, do you have a cough and do you have difficulty breathing. That was it.”

Seferovic says no one took their temperatures and just placed a red sticker on their passports, allowing them to keep going.

From Washington, D.C., the pair traveled through the Piedmont International Airport.

“I was like, ya’ll are just handing us pamphlets and information about it. Is that all you’re doing?” Seferovic said

She and her father decided to self-quarantine when they got home.

They’re on day five.

Seferovic says it was their choice, and she’s worried airport officials aren’t doing enough.

“It’s scary because no one is taking precautions,” Seferovic said. “I’m upset because a lot of people are acting as if…’oh, it’s no big deal. It’s going to pass.”

She’s been watching the number of positive coronavirus cases in the Piedmont Triad grow and says more people need to take this seriously.

“Like at other stores, no shirt, no shoes no service? It should say on every store that’s open: no mask, no gloves, no service,” Seferovic said.

Or else she’s worried things will get worse.

“If people are not going to take precautions and don’t care about others or them selves, then everyone should be on lockdown,” Seferovic said.

She tells FOX8 she and her father are not showing any symptoms so far.

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