Winston-Salem launches social media campaign to give in-depth look into lives of firefighters

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- How much do you know about the community heroes who put their lives on the line to keep you and your family safe?

The City of Winston-Salem just launched a new social media video campaign with the city fire department, highlighting the people inside of the bright red engines and what they really do.

When most people think of Winston-Salem firefighters, they imagine people barging into buildings filled with flames and racing off to help anyone in need.

But Chief Trey Mayo wants the community to understand they're more than the headlines.

"We have fire trucks come and fire trucks go, and the public sees them moving around not really understanding what they're doing," mayo said.

The two new "SAVE" campaign videos show what the firefighters do and why they're so important.

"It's difficult to put a value on human life. That's what you're going to see in these videos: preservation of human life," Mayo said.

Lives like Delba Haynes'.

"I laid down to take a nap, and then when my son came home, he said [I was] wheezing really bad and trying to catch my breath," Haynes said.

Station 11, just down the road from Hayne's home, quickly responded.

Firefighters gave her CPR and did their best to save her.

"The captain then hollered up the hall 'I've got a pulse. Let's get her out of here,'" Haynes said.

She spent almost a month in the ICU, knowing exactly what she would do when she got out.

"I told my husband. 'I said I gotta go find these guys,'" Haynes said.

She went straight to the fire station and took pictures with the people who saved her life.

"I just wanted to thank them because they're here to help us, and they helped me," Hayens said.

She hopes her story gives them just a piece of the appreciation that she says they deserve.

"They do not get enough recognition. Everyone just thinks they fight fires, and that's only half of what they do," hayens said. "They don't only fight fires. I'm a living witness they do more than that. I really appreciate them for doing that."

The two SAVE campaign videos can be found on the Winston-Salem television channel and on social media.

City officials hope they'll get a good response from the community so they can expand the campaign and show off more "Saves."

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