Winston-Salem Journal endorsing Barack Obama for 2012 election

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — The Winston-Salem Journal is endorsing President Barack Obama for the 2012 general election.

The paper ran an editorial endorsing Obama in the Opinion section in Sunday’s paper. National security, education and foreign policy were among the reasons for the paper’s choice.

The paper’s editorial board endorsed Sen. John McCain over Obama in 2008. Sunday’s editorial read:

“We wrote that we were impressed with Obama, but McCain would “bring the Iraq war to a successful conclusion, work to end American dependence on foreign oil, reduce America’s output of climate-changing gases and begin the rebuilding of our economy.”

The paper continued to say the Democratic president has done all those things and more.

Below is a portion of the editorial:

“(Obama) is calm under pressure and courageous in standing up for the rights of all Americans, including the poor, veterans, the elderly, women, gays and immigrants. In contrast, we’ve sometimes found it hard in the last few weeks to tell just what Obama’s challenger, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, really stands for.

Obama is not always as gregarious as many Americans might like him to be, but he is committed to his country and candid with it — to the point of releasing far more of his tax returns than Romney. While Obama commits the occasional gaffe, we can’t imagine him ever dismissing 47 percent of his fellow Americans — as Romney did, and later apologized for doing.”

Click here to read the editorial on the Winston-Salem Journal’s website.

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