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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A 65-year-old man is fighting for his life after a hit-and-run Monday night.

Robert Jordan is in critical condition at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

Family members tell FOX8 he is suffering from head injuries.

“It’s crazy because he’s been [biking] the same route for 40 years. He’s always really well lit up. Everyone knows him in the community and it’s ridiculous that he would be hit,” Jordan’s youngest daughter Lana said.

Jordan is known for riding his bike and wearing ample amounts of reflective gear.

He’s been biking his way to and from his home in Lexington, to his dance studio in Winston-Salem, for decades.

That’s why Lana, and the rest of the Jordan family are shocked that he’s now been hit twice in a matter of days.

“He was hit by a car on Reynolda Road on March 11. That was the original hit,” Lana said. “Then he fixed his bike up and got back on the road yesterday and then was hit on the same road last night.”

It happened around 9:30 p.m. after Jordan had finished teaching dance classes.

Winston-Salem police say the driver of a car hit the back of Jordan’s bike and kept going, leaving him out on the road.

“A really awesome woman found him and took him to the hospital,” Lana said.

The news is rocking the community.

“I’m just distraught that someone would be so distracted while driving that they would hit him and then just leave him there. It’s heartbreaking,” Julia Gale said.

Gale took classes from “Mr. Robert” decades ago. Now, her daughter goes to Vogler’s Dance Studio too.

“He’s been around forever,” she adds.

Outside of the dance studio door are flowers and a “get well soon” sign from his many dancers and the dance community.

Gale says Jordan is a man who shaped so many childhoods and lives.

“It doesn’t surprise me how many lives he’s touched at all,” she said.

Classes at the studio are canceled for the rest of the week.

The Jordan family are asking for prayers and help in tracking down whoever hit Jordan.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Winston-Salem Police Department.