Winston-Salem Army veteran given house mortgage-free; ‘It feels like home’

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — An Army veteran and his family are settling into a home donated to them mortgage-free and renovated by Bank of America and the Military Warriors Support Foundation.

Retired Sgt. Allen Megginson and his wife Amy arrived at the home this morning, escorted by members of the Patriot Guard. Megginson served for several years in the Army, deploying to Iraq, where he suffered brain, back and knee injuries. After leaving the military, he had a job, but lost it due to his PTSD.

Amy says, “We had a life with a home, the cars and everything and we lost it all. It’s been a hard road.”

But now, thanks to a community of volunteers, they can start rebuilding their lives.

“I think it’s going to afford us the ability through the program to rebuild. Over the last few years we’ve lost pretty much everything we had and it always seemed like such an uphill fight to rebuild. To be given this opportunity is going to afford us the opportunity to really rebuild and help others,” Allen says.

Even though the Megginsons are happy to have a new home, they say there are others who are more deserving.

Allen says, “I never feel like I deserve it, regardless of what I go through and the injuries I have. I don’t ever think that I deserve something like this because I always feel like my brothers and sisters in arms deserve it more.”

“Yeah, there’s someone worse off,” Amy adds.

The couple has five children and several grandchildren. They say they hope this house will become a “home base” for the family.

Allen also plans on building a shop behind the house where he hopes to share his love of woodworking with fellow veterans who may be having a hard time coping with PTSD or adjusting to civilian life after the military.

This summer the Megginsons say they would like to host other veterans and their families for cookouts in their back yard. They also are talking of starting a nonprofit to help people donate items to veterans in need.

But tonight, they are thankful for a community who helped them when they needed it the most. After they walked through their home for the first time, they both said, “It feels like home. It really does.”

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