Winston-Salem 10-year-old searching for answers in father’s 2016 unsolved homicide

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Kayla Lee was 7 years old when her father, Karodd Nash, was shot and killed in Winston-Salem on Sept. 16, 2016. Today, she is a 10-year-old continuing to search for answers in her father’s killing. Mainly, who did it.

“I was only 7 years old and for someone to tell me that my daddy got shot, and they don’t know who it is, they could possibly kill someone else,” Kayla said.

Police say Nash was shot several times while sitting in his car at the intersection of Ninth Street and Graham Avenue. He died shortly after officers arrived.

“It hurt my heart, because I love my daddy so much,” Kayla said.

Witnesses told police they saw a man running away from the scene and they recovered a rifle along that man’s path.

“I know it’s somebody he [knew] and it’s somebody I know,” said Nash’s mother, Lisa Scott. “It’s no stranger.”

Nearly two-and-a-half years later, Kayla only sees her father in pictures and her dreams.

“I can’t see him in person, but [I’m] happy because I can still see him,” she said.

Meanwhile, Nash’s youngest daughter only knows her father through what her family tells her.

“She really don’t know what’s going on, she knows that she can’t see him anymore,” Kayla said, about her 4-year-old sister. “She’ll tell my mom, ‘Oh, mom, dad’s in Heaven.’”

In November 2017, police released a video highlighting Nash’s murder in an attempt to bring unsolved homicides to a close.

“I will forgive them, because I don’t want to go to Heaven hating [anybody],” Scott said at the time, of her son’s killer. “I will never forget it but I will forgive them for it.”

Scott admits she has found more peace since losing Nash – her youngest child – adding that she still has hope his killer will be caught.

“I gave it to God, it’s too heavy for me to carry,” she said. “So I gave it to God.”

She also believes she’s seen his killer since her son’s funeral.

“I’m sure I have. I can’t say who they are but I’m sure I have,” Scott said. “Probably see them every day.”

Police say they are running ballistics in connection to the case but have no other updates.

“If that was to happen to one of your family members, [you] would want someone to tell,” Kayla said.

Nash would have turned 28 in April.

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