Who is the one person Ashleigh Banfield would interview today, living or dead? Marjorie Taylor Greene – here’s why

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CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — Veteran journalist Ashleigh Banfield is set to debut her show “Banfield” on NewsNation on March 1. The show will revive the “Larry King” in-depth interview format while staying true to NewsNation’s mission of unbiased news.

Banfield joined NewsNation Now’s Aaron Nolan Thursday to talk about her goals for the new show.

“I think we all need to know why people feel the way they do, rather than judging them right away and writing them off,” Banfield said while answering Nolan’s question about the one person she’d like most to interview right now, living or dead.

Her answer: “Oh, Marjorie Taylor Greene. If it’s today, Marjorie Taylor Greene. I want to know what makes her tick. I want to know why she said the things she’s said in the past.”

Greene, a Republican Congresswoman from Georgia, is the subject of a House of Representatives vote Thursday on a resolution to remove her from House committees following bipartisan outcry over her embrace of conspiracy theories, including suggestions that mass shootings at the nation’s schools were staged, prior to her taking office.

Greene had been named to the education committee, a decision that drew harsh criticism because of her previous suggestions that school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, and Parkland, Florida, could be hoaxes.

“I think this is an interesting point,” Nolan said, asking Banfield how she will present partisan interviews while staying in line with NewsNation’s mission of unbiased news.

“Not everyone will be happy with the interview that is on that night,” Banfield explained, “I also think it is key in the tone of voice you choose when you ask your question.”

Watch Banfield’s interview with Nolan in the player above to learn more about her vision for the new show.

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