Whitsett homeowners frustrated with flooding due to construction after heavy rainfall

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WHITSETT, N.C. — Imagine feet of water flowing into your backyard each time there’s heavy rainfall and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. This is what homeowners in Whitsett have been dealing with for months and now they want answers.

Homes are being added to the community and for months, the people living on Breeders Cup Drive have tried to get county officials and the developer of this construction project to come up with a fix. They even complained to their homeowner’s association.

It wasn’t until FOX8 stepped in that homeowners said someone started taking action.

Water rushed into Erin Lee’s backyard Thursday night, with feet of water flowing into her flowerbeds.

“Maybe it won’t be this bad. Then it happened again and again,” Lee said.

The problem started in February when construction began on the property behind her house.

“All that water though is directed to our backyard because we have a drain, a storage drain,” she said.

This pond built at the construction site was supposed to catch rainwater, but the area has experienced so much, that water is rushing out from the backyard to the front of her house. You can even see debris near her mailbox.

“We’ve called the contractor. We’ve called the builder of our house. We’ve contacted HOA. We’ve contacted the county-watershed,” Lee said.

She got no answers and was told homeowners would have to deal with it until construction is complete.

But when FOX8 called Friday, the county sent an inspector to investigate.

It was some comfort for the Lee family after months of no solution.

But with more rain in the forecast this weekend, the Lee family is bracing for more trouble.

“We just want this fixed. Like I said, it’s a safety hazard. It’s costing us money. It’s property damage. It’s very frustrating,” Lee said.

The property contractor told FOX8 he’s been speaking to engineers and the problem should be fixed by Monday.

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