GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) – Parents in North Carolina are stressed. If you are among those stressed parents, this is no surprise. But for the rest of you, please understand this is a big problem.

Based on an analysis of data collected by Twitter – and we know what Twitter gleans from what we do and where we do it – parents in North Carolina were found to be the third-most-stressed such unit in America.

Data scientists found that only parents from Massachusetts and Georgia were more stressed than those who live among us. West Virginia, Maryland, Utah, Alabama, Texas, Virginia and Connecticut rounded out the top 10.

The states in which parents are the most and least stressed. (ORGANICBABYFORMULA.COM)

This is far from scientific, but it is based on what we say and how we say it – or at least typed it into Twitter. If you use a lot of hashtags, this means you.

Based on a release about the findings, a map was developed from geotagged Twitter data in the past 90 days. The analysis filtered tweets, hashtags and keywords related to being a stressed-out parent.

So if you ever typed phrases such as “my kids are stressing me out” or “parenting is stressful” or “being a parent is stressful” or being a mother/father is stressful or “kids are stressful,” you likely stoked the more than 200,000 tweets that were tracked. Hashtags such as #stressedparent, #stressedmom and #stresseddad mattered, too.

Geotagging on those tweets – if you have locations on or Twitter knows your home base – allowed the baby formula site to create a map showing which states were most stressed.

Based on density but not actual rankings, parents in the extreme northeast South Dakota, Missouri, Kentucky and Alaska would appear the least stressed. But that’s only an eyeball test.

If you want something more scientific for comparison, Scientific American evaluated stress levels among parents and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In a report published earlier this year, we learned that about 70% of mothers and 54% of fathers said they had felt overwhelmed in the past two weeks. That was based on a sampling of 2,000 parents done, yes, scientifically.

And those of us in North Carolina probably would agree #wholeheartedly.