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(KTVX) — An interactive map can now help you find which businesses are requiring masks as states begin dropping their mask mandates.

Many businesses and municipalities are still permitted to enact their own mask requirements. As these mandates come to an end, it can be hard to know which stores, restaurants and venues are still requiring masks.

According to its website, The Mask Map “was born from an idea that people have a choice and can influence society with their voices.”

Developers say it is based on reviews.

“When we purchase a product, we look at Amazon reviews. When we select a restaurant, we look at Yelp reviews. These reviews are based on what is really happening – not what the marketing team is telling us,” says the site.

Described as the “Yelp For Public Health,” The Mask Map was started in July 2020 and is a “simple crowdsourced map for consumers to share their experience of mask policies and decide where to spend their money.”

The interactive map, which you can view here, allows users to mark whether or not a business is requiring customers to mask up. Once users mark the mask requirements of a location, an icon will appear with each business, showing either a blue face without a mask or an orange face with a mask.

You can also search a location via a search bar at the top of the page.