LOS ANGELES, C.A. (WGHP) — A large black cube appeared in a Los Angeles park on Sunday.

It’s not aliens, don’t worry!

It turns out that the cube is an art installation, set up as a tease for new music from a California-based rock band that hasn’t released new music in a decade.

The Mars Volta, a Grammy-award-winning progressive metal group, put up images on various social media sites containing latitude and longitudinal coordinates, which clever fans traced to Grand Park in Los Angeles. The image also displayed the dates June 19-21.

As cryptically promised, fans who might have popped into Grand Park to check it out Sunday found a large black cube adorned with a logo.

Once inside the cube, StereoGum reports, fans could listen to the first three minutes of a new song from The Mars Volta.

The Mars Volta hasn’t released new music since 2012’s “Noctourniquet,” but did release an expansive boxset featuring unreleased demos in 2020, making fans hopeful that a reunion was in the works. A release date for the new song or album hasn’t been announced as of yet.

The #VoltaCube should be removed from Grand Park on Tuesday.