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GREENSBORO, NC (WGHP) — In just a couple of weeks, the halls of Page High School in Greensboro will be busy with students. Some will know their way around, but others will be new.

In either case, there’s a new resource to help: the Page High School App! It’s a one-stop shop for everything about Page.

“A lot of the functionality will be there just like and tied into the school website where there will also be some really neat, features as well. There’ll be a hall pass feature for our students to be able to use if they have a phone. There’ll be a way to put their ID on there. A lot of different functions that will help our students throughout the building as well,” Principal Erik Naglee says.

He says it is a great asset for everyone.

“We’ll actually be moving all of our athletic communication,” he says. “Our coaches can communicate through that also. Our teachers will be able to push out information to their individualized classes and to their parents as well. It is sort of taking the ‘remind me’ piece away. There are five or six different ways to communicate with parents. I know I have a lot of kids that play sports as well, so I have three different hats. So, everything page will now go through this app. So that will create great ease of use for our parents create great ease of use for our students.”

The app will help with the language barrier as well. There is a language section to translate for ESL students and their parents. 

Naglee says everything on the app is also on the website. This just makes access easier. “It’ll also be a great way for our alumni and different community members to sort of see what’s happening at Page without having to go to the website.”

And the best part of all, it’s free to download for both iPhones and androids.