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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Loaded with the tools of their trades, some Greensboro doctors are ready to sow the seeds of encouragement.

It’s Doctor’s Day at Wiley Elementary School where some female members of the Greensboro Medical Society are coming together to fight stereotypes and encourage some young ladies to dream.

From podiatrists to cardiologists to obstetricians and gynecologists, the students were exposed to many different medical disciplines and given the opportunity to ask questions, and hopefully, see themselves in the doctors they are interacting with.

Now, it’s hard to tell who is enjoying it more, the students or the doctors.

“To be a part of this is just such an honor because I get to share something with them that means so much to me and hopefully they will begin to think about the things that mean a lot to them what their passion is,” said Dr. Vanessa Haygood.

And with the seeds planted, the doctors hope these young students will see their futures a little more clearly.