Wedding venue in High Point closes suddenly, leaving couples in limbo


HIGH POINT, N.C. — Imagine finding out the place where you plan to have your wedding is closing.

That’s exactly what happened when several brides found out through the grapevine the venue they booked closed suddenly.

We’re talking thousands of dollars people have spent at Noah’s Event Venue in High Point.

The company filed for bankruptcy last year, but the owners thought they could pay back their creditors. That apparently wasn’t enough for a judge who ordered the company to cease all operations.

Less than a week away from Kaliah Pemberton’s big day, she received the news she’s left with no venue.

“I mean it’s really disappointing,” Pemberton said.

She found out the venue suddenly closed after hearing it from her caterer instead of the business itself. She called and sent emails trying to get in contact with anyone but wasn’t successful Friday afternoon.

“My wedding is next week. I really need to know, and that was earlier today around noon. It’s after six o’clock now, and I still haven’t heard anything from them,” Pemberton said.

Pemberton and her fiance both serve in the military. They spent nearly $5,200 dollars on just the venue alone. They didn’t have an inclination the company wouldn’t fulfill their dream wedding.

“The last time I talked to them was probably two weeks ago, and there was no sign or no possibility or no nothing that was going to close,” Pemberton said
She wasn’t the only bride-to-be left with so many unanswered questions. A few other brides-to-be gathered outside of the building, confused by the news.
“I was going today to put the order in for my invitations and went to verify the address. It said permanently closed,” said Heather Locklear, a bride just two months away from her scheduled wedding day.
FOX 8’S Danielle Jackson reached out to the company’s bankruptcy lawyer Friday afternoon over the phone. The lawyer said a judge ordered the company to cease all operations effective immediately.
Noah Corporations filed for Bankruptcy in May of 2019. According to their bankruptcy lawyer, the owners thought they could pay back their creditors in a decent amount of time but were unsuccessful.
RaShonda Lewis was another bride who stopped by the business Friday afternoon. Even though her wedding date is slated for September 2020, she’s out of thousands of dollars she’s already paid.
She says she heard about other locations closings in North Carolina but was reassured by the company that the High Point Location was in the clear.
“I did consider backing out, but then they sent an email saying that they were in fact resigning another lease and they would be here,” Lewis said.
With just six days before Kaliah and her fiance walk down the aisle, they’re scrambling to solidify another location in the High Point/Greensboro area.
They told FOX8 this situation has not only affected their plans and their pockets, but it’s made an impact on their out of state family members who’ve planned to come to their wedding. Even though all of the chaos, they’re trying to remain positive.
“We’ve already invested so much into it…into having this wedding, so it’s kind of like you lose all that you put into it or you kind of just celebrate…we still want to celebrate our love…we want to get married…we want to celebrate with friends and family, so we’re kind of not trying to let this take away from that moment,” Pemberton said.
The owners of the venue released the following statement:
“High Point is owned by 20 retiree investors, not a conglomerate entity.  For the past year, we have forgiven Noah’s rent on the chance that the redirection of these funds would allow the company to survive under Chapter 11. We hoped that this would preclude the disaster that has occurred. Noah’s Corp has rendered its clients to organizational and financial chaos and has left the building owners holding huge debts in the wake of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy decision last Thursday.
The owners of the High Point Venue Facility would like to take the opportunity to express their collective frustration at the way that Noah’s corporation has terminated its activities and caused the immediate cancellation of future planned events.  We are genuinely horrified by this situation.”

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