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In early 2013, a violent murder rocked the close-knit community of Davidson County. On January 25, 2013, Nancy Harvey, 52, was found murdered at her business Atlanta Car Company. 

To this area, she became known as the victim of a heinous crime that still hasn’t been solved. But to those who knew and loved her best, she was “Grandma Nancy.”

“She would prefer to let everybody else have the enjoyment and be the supporting cast in the background,” said Jay Grubert, Harvey’s son. He described his mom as “fair” and “selfless.”

But her favorite role came years later when she became “Grandma Nancy.”  Jay’s daughter Daci and Harvey were inseparable. From the cartwheels in the backyard to their standing dinner-dates over Mexican food, the two were always having fun. 

“I had so many just endless belly laughs with her,” Daci said.

They even had fun at work. Most days after school, Daci joined “Grandma Nancy” at the car lot.

“She’d say you can come up here, and I’ll feed you to dinner, but you have to work,” said Daci, now 19. “I would be the one who would help make the phone calls.”

Harvey owned Atlanta Car Company, a used-car lot just outside of Lexington on Old U.S. Highway 52. After her husband Larry died suddenly in 2010, Harvey ran the business alone. According to Jay, not only was she a successful businesswoman—she was fair.  

“I would say a used car dealer, especially a “buy here/ pay here” type of organization, they have a pretty bad rap as con-artists and cheats. She was not that,” Jay said. “She was the type of person that allowed people to get behind on their payments and allowed them to flex. As long as you do what you tell me you’re going to do, we will work with you.” 

By the winter of 2013, Nancy had settled into life without her beloved husband. Business was good, and to make things even better, Harvey had another grandbaby on the way. Jay’s wife Amie was pregnant.

“We were in what was supposed to be a pretty joyous time of finding out when we could schedule our boy to be born and welcome him to the family when we ended up with tragic news,” Jay said.

On the morning of January 25, 2013, an employee arriving to Atlanta Car Company for his shift found Nancy dead.

Investigators later described the crime scene as “chaotic” and “brutal” and said the business had been robbed, although they’ve declined to say exactly what was taken.

“To not be able to answer any questions for yourself, for anyone in the town, for the rest of the family. It’s painful,” said Amie Grubert, Nancy’s daughter-in-law.

And today, the questions surrounding Harvey’s death remain.

“Seven years has been way too long, but we will honestly wait as long as it takes to get an answer. She deserves way more than that,” Amie said. “She was just amazing and a force, and we need to know who did it.”

“There is at least one person or more that were involved in this, and I just plead with them,” Jay said. “I’m surprised their conscience has let them go on this long.”

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