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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Page High School Principal Erik Naglee said Tuesday the Pirate community continues to support senior student Sincere Davis as he fights for his life.

Students have been visiting Davis since he was taken to the hospital this weekend. Classmates say Davis was at a gathering at an apartment complex on North Elm Street when he suffered a gunshot wound to the head.

“Members of our administrative team, our football staff have basically been there nonstop, as well as our students so that’s the biggest thing, just being there I know the parents appreciate that support. We’ve also taken up numerous cards, care blankets, provided support in that way,” Naglee said.

Greensboro police have not said what led to the shooting or made any arrests.

Naglee said Davis is a model student, taking AP classes and staying out of trouble. Davis’s coach, Jared Rolfes, said Davis served as a captain on the football team and was on the school’s leadership council.

Rolfes said Davis has a strong family support system and they want to make sure they try to help them in any way possible.

“As a staff and as a community and that’s the most important thing right now for the family to feel that prayer support, and we feel that God can heal his body and that’s critical in this moment,” Rolfes said.

Rolfes added that as a dedicated athlete, Davis will fight for his recovery.

“I think that’s why you have a kid that’s fighting in the way that he is, not our because of the support but physically he’s one of our strongest kids,” he said.

Football workouts were canceled through Wednesday to focus on supporting Davis and his family.