Watch amazing 6-year-old roller skate under 39 SUVs

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With his body and face just inches off the ground, 6-year-old Gagan Satish can roller skate under almost anything.

That includes 39 SUVs.

In a YouTube video, Satish zooms underneath 39 SUVs in just 29 seconds.

The accomplishment is being reviewed for a Guinness World Record, but has already been recognized by the India Book of Records as the Farthest Distance In Limbo Skating Under Cars, according to The Telegraph.

Satish of Bangalore, India, has been skating since age three. He was initially rejected because he was too young. Now he is inspiring kids of all ages.

In order to make it under all 39 SUVs, Satish must hold a split and keep his body flat and parallel to the ground throughout the stunt.

“My next goal is to skate underneath 100 cars. I also want to go to the Olympics,” he told The Telegraph.

Source: The Telegraph

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