Warrant: Checks found in Mary Ann Holder’s home

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — A new search warrant in the Pleasant Garden shootings shows investigators are switching their focus from physical evidence to financial evidence.

Detectives took two checks from Mary Ann Holder’s home, one from Safe Haven and another from Suntrust Bank, according the warrants.

Holder is still the only suspect in a series of shootings that killed six people on Nov. 20, including five others under the age of 17. Deputies believe Holder killed herself after shooting six others.

The warrant requests access to Suntrust’s computer databases, as well as all accounts belonging to Holder.

Lt. Doug Burroughs with the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office said financial records could show a timeline of events that led up to the shootings.

“Financial records might tell us, give us motive, give us some reasons and give us more insight into the case. It might give us more information and some more leads and direction to go,” Burroughs said.

Burroughs said they knew they would need financial account access after finding out Holder gave her ex-lover Randall Lamb a $10,000 check the day before the shootings. Lamb was the only shooting victim to survive.

“We had information early on about the check, so that gave us reason to. That does play a role in it to help us see what else might be there and maybe put those pieces together–find out what that was about,” Burroughs said.

Also seized from Holder’s home were a confession note, the wallet of shooting victim Ricky Suttles, papers from a safe in the master bedroom, pillows that may contain DNA, two cell phones and five laptops.

“We’re still waiting on a lot of evidence coming back from the state lab and coming back from our lab to do the forensics on the computer,” Burroughs said.

It could be a few more weeks before information from the labs starts to come in, Burroughs said.

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