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SLIDELL, La. — Walmart is defending an employee who created a cake with an ISIS flag for a customer.

In a video published June 26 to YouTube, Chuck Netzhammer says Walmart has “some explaining to do.”

Netzhammer said he ordered a customized cake with the Confederate flag printed and the words “Heritage Not Hate,” from a Walmart in Slidell, La.

The baker denied the request. The next day, Netzhammer returned with a request of the ISIS flag onto a cake.

“I had them do the same thing for the ISIS battle flag image I brought to them,” Netzhammer wrote in the description of his YouTube video. “They cheerfully did it. And sold me my ISIS cake.”

In the video, Netzhammer opens up a box to display the cake with the flag of the Islamic State. He then criticizes Walmart that they’ll sell a cake with the ISIS flag but not the General Lee toy car.

Last week, Walmart and several other big businesses announced they’d be pulling all Confederate flag items from their stores.

John Forrest Ales, a spokesperson for Walmart, spoke to PIX11 about the incident, saying it was “unfortunate that one customer took advantage of the employee.”

Ales said the bakers take great pride in what they create.

While he said the cake should not have been made and it was a mistake, Ales noted that not everyone can recognize the ISIS flag.

Ales referenced CNN’s recent mishap at London’s Pride Parade where a reporter thought she saw the ISIS flag in the crowd.

The flag spotted turned out to be a joke about sex toys.

Nevertheless, CNN picked up the story quickly and called it breaking news.